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Default Advent/Christmas-tide Reflections


A Carol

In dulci jubilo,

Nun singet und seid froh!

Unsers Herzens Wonne

Leit in praesepio;

Und leuchtet wie die Sonne

Matris in gremio.
Alpha es et O!

In sweet rejoicing,
now sing and be glad!
Our hearts' joy
lies in the manger;
And it shines like the sun
in the mother's lap.
You are the alpha and omega!

This Year I thought I'd look at Carols/music that celebrates the season from around the world...so above is a Germanic setting of a famous carol...and below is a Ukrainian Carol called Long The Night


Long the night but kind the dawn
In Bethlehem where her son was born.
She touched his side and stroked his head
As she gently laid him to bed.
She held his hands, she kissed his feet,
She sang to see a sight so sweet:
In excelsis gloria.

In the hills the iron lay
What men would beat into nails one day,
Where the thorn tree roots go down
That men would twist to a crown.
In the wood where an axe would ring
To cut a cross that would bear a king,
Mary's voice rose from afar:
In excelsis gloria.
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