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Old 10-26-2012, 07:11 PM
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Default Benghazi

The latest: I just heard on FOX news that 3 separate "help" requests were denied during the Benghazi attack on Sept. 11. The first request is made by operatives on the ground there in Benghazi, when they hear the gun fire and know the Ambassador and consulate are under attack, they request to go to the aid of the Ambassador to help but are told by their superiors to stand down. An hour later, they again make the request, and again are told to stand down, but this time they ignore their orders and go over to the consulate to help, but by then it's too late. Tyrone Woods, one of the Seals, who was already in Benghazi, is in this group...they recover Sean Smith's body, but still cannot locate the Ambassador so they gather up everyone else, including Smith's body, and head by vehicle to the Annex, what is supposed to be the "safe" house. Along the way, two separate grenades are thrown under their vehicle and they take direct gun fire from the terrorists who are waiting along the road. They finally get to the Annex.

In the meantime, Glen Doherty, the 2nd Seal, is with a small group that flies in from Tripoli. It takes them 45 minutes to make it to the Annex because they can't find an escort from the airport because there is infighting among the Libyans. They finally make it to the Annex, but the terrorists soon reposition themselves at the Annex also. Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods call in for a military plane to fly over to provide fire, they already have GPS and/or lasers on the enemy so the plane will know directly where to fire, but the Seals are told to abort or stand down. There is no plane sent in to help them. They start taking mortar fire, at some point Glen Doherty takes a direct hit and is killed; Tyrone Woods is also killed. This attack starting at the consulate and ending at the Annex lasted for over 7 hours, but no help is ever sent.

An unmanned drone(s) was over Benghazi during the attacks and was recording, in real time, what is taking place on the ground. Anyone with the clearance could get and see the video and watch in real time as the attack is taking place. An hour and a half after the initial attack started on the consulate, the President, the Vice-President and Leon Panetta, the Secy. of Defense are all together at the White House along with several other key people.

What are they doing while our people are being attacked--calling on them to send help? What exactly is the President doing while our people are being murdered?

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