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Old 10-08-2012, 02:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Liddellfan View Post

1)That's got to be the worst post I have ever seen on this forum and you have had some whoppers!....
2)You sound like a Communist IMO...........
3) The States are independent of the Federal Govt.
4) We, the American people have a FREE society. Unlike other countries where you are forced to do as they say and stopped and questioned every time you want to go somewhere, that is NOT freedom by any means.
5)If you knew anything at all about the United States Constitution, you would know that the American people have the freedom of movement (travel) to other States if they so please.
6) It is illegal to be stopped during your travels for no reason. Check point on State lines is nonsense, sound like the old Soviet Union where they keep their people behind the walls pointing machine guns at them.
7) If Law Enforcement REALLY wanted him, they would of picked him up a long time ago.
8)We don't talk bad about your beloved England, so don't do it about the United Stated!
9)If you don't like the laws and rights to citizens of our country, don't come here, stay in England since you love it so much.
1) not been on this forum long enough then have you
2) I am somewhere between Centrist Right and Nationalism. To EVERY other nation in the world, America is Far Right...even your Democrats are Centrist Right. In Terms of Political Philosophy. You evidently dont understand what the word Communism actually means...like many Americans, you believe anything Left of Centrist Right is Communism....If You bothered to see me in light of my Countries political background, you would see I'm considered positively Right Wing...again, spend more time on the forum and read what I say when crime and punishment, centralized Government, the European Union, or immigration come up.
3) Constitutionally, the States are Soverignties, but to say three hundred years later they have anything like Soverignty is Riddiculous. Your State Governments have been reduced to Shire County Councils pretty much. Your Federal Government has gone WELL beyond its Quota in terms of design brief...the fact your States dont Rule on things like Health Care and Education as Independants are well and truely proof...outside of the Judiciary...how...practically are your States independant? They dont even defend their boarders, and in congress they do not rally to support their own States, but rally behind some Political Parties which are Nationalized...Should it be that way...not according to the Consitution...but wake up to the ACTUAL power your Federal Government illicitly has.
4) Having been stopped by your police, I happen to know that that is NOT true. Your Police are not keepers of the peace, they are searchers of criminals...there is a difference. One is called to conflicts brought to their attention, one hunts for conflicts. If you dont understand what I mean, I can post a video that explains the differences between Americas ideal of Law Enforcements, and the British ideal of keeping the peace.
5) European Union members have Freedom to move around...the issue isnt whether you can cross state lines...it whether anyone can trace your movement. Flow around the Union is monitored with passports. You may come and go as you please...BUT everytime you cross a boarder you will be logged...that means if your on the run, you dont get far. In the US...if your on the run you can move across state boarders, not only freely...but UNCHECKED...that DOESNT happen between True Soverignties. This makes your State Governments Provincial Governments of a Federal Government...thats NOT Constitutional either.
6) You dont want to make that sort of comparison, since your entire bloody force is armed and you dont need to approach any restricted area to have a gun shoved in your face...heavens above, half your citizens are armed, and you have the nerve to talk about machine guns at checkpoints??? Which dont even exist!!! Why would a passport checkpoint need to be armed??? Its about monitoring movement not about restricting movement. Our Police arent even armed...outside of the Ministry of Defence Police who spend most of their time protecting YOUR listening outposts in this country...and the British Transport Police, but you almost never see them. They are usually stationed in ports...I dont know why
7) Oh...so they dont really want him? What is this laziness...or is it not important for them to protect the freedom of GOD-fearing, law abiding citizens from a fugitive??
8)I'm not "Talking bad" im talking Truth...See I'm not a "Yes" man. I dont need to pretend a system or country is perfect before I can admit to having love for it. The irony of it, is that I probably aggree on a lot of negative points you might come up with about England. Do you even know what I think of my own country? Do you know what I think of first past the post Democrasy? Do you know what I think about the British Government? Do not assume that because you cant stand certain truthes about your country, that I would stand and cry, if someone had a legitamate criticism of my country...I have plenty of my own....and even more of Europe...and I REALLY dislike "Federal" systems. I do not believe that Governments should be Multinational...unless in an Imperial Fashion...Oh...I'm all for Empire...but Federations, Unions...Giving Europe to the German Chancellor? I dont think so. Do you?
9) I was commenting on your LACK of laws in certain areas, not the ones you already have. Without order there is chaos...but what is the point in having an Extradition Treaty between States when they dont have boarders...do you understand what Deportation actually means? Its riddiculous to use the word when refering to Provincial Governments run by an overarching Union FIFTY "Soverignties" strong Surely...if he was free to leave Iowa...why isnt he free to go back to Iowa? why does Minnesota have to ask Iowa? Wouldnt it be easier, if States were to have checkpoints to prevent this issue in the first place...would that not be more simple? What do you have to fear in approaching a checkpoint...unless you are already on the run from the law? To let a man be on warrent of arrest for an entire year is outrageous, surely, by anyones standards??? Tell me....if he travels long enough, does the warrent go out of date?
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