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Old 09-19-2012, 05:00 PM
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matt, overall, how did you like africa? I personally have never had a desire to go on a safari and if i hunted anywhere besides my own farm it would be saskatchewan first and texas second. I was just curious if you loved it more than you like texas hunting or if it was one of those things where once was enough. Had you always wanted to do africa?
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Originally Posted by matt hughes View Post
in Africa when you kill any animal the ranch keeps the meat and the hunter gets the hide and skull. when we were there we ate meat from hunts before us so we did get to try different animals. everything we had tasted very good. i think thats a good way to do it though. if i would have got the meat of the animals i would have donated it to a village. they waste nothing over there and have plenty of need for food.
That's good to hear, Matt. You and Joey have some great trophies there, I'm sure he will remember this trip for the rest of his life!

And I agree with VCU, nice to have you posting on your blog again.

Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
The racks on those animals are very impressive.
Knowing Mike, that's *got* to be a double entendre.
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I didnt realize those animals were quite that large I always though Zebras were smaller then that.

They all had some very strange antlers and tusks indeed
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