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Old 08-30-2012, 09:54 PM
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Default Jon Jones asked Dana White to have Chael Sonnen stop calling him out


By: Chris Taylor

The smoke has yet to clear from the aftermath of the UFC 151 cancellation. It would be putting things mildly to state that it hasn’t been a good week for UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones. Jones’ roller-coaster of scrutiny has been outrageous lately, and it looks as if things are about to get worse for the rating 205lbs champ.

In an article released by The Wrestling Observer, another piece of juicy information was unleashed that is sure to add fuel to the “Bones” Jones fire:

Jones was very upset after Chael began calling him out and mocking him on Twitter, going as far as to contact White and ask him to tell Chael to stop

Regardless of how one feels about Jones, if this report proves to be true, he is sure to endure another large dose of public critisism. Jones and his management team will be hard pressed to spin this story into a postive light. Running to Dana White in order to shut up Chael is a far cry from Jon’s initial tweet to Sonnen, which read: ”I’m more man than you’ll ever be”.

Also in the Wrestling Observer article was an analysis of Jones most recent radio show appearance, in which Jon makes himself look like a hypocrite:

About a week before this all went down, he went on a radio show and talked about how Chael was undeserving of the fight coming off the loss to Anderson Silva, and that he was disrespectful and not the type of person he’d want to give a title shot to anyway. The host noted that Chael wouldn’t be able to take Bones down, and unlike Henderson, also a wrestler, he didn’t possess the power punch standing and wasn’t a finisher. The host told Jones to take the paycheck and shut the guy up. At that point Jones said “Yes, you’re right, I’ll fight Chael any time, any where.”

Jones may end up going down as one of the greatest champions to ever live, but in the meantime he should expect more scrutinity than ever. It is sad to see the 25 year-old, Jones, constantly trip up with his words and say stuff that he doesn’t really mean. He has dug a very large hole for himself and it will undoubtedly take some time for him to rebound and gain back the respect of a lot of MMA fans.

Hopefully for Jones’ sake, this whole spectacle can ultimately be forgiven next month with another display of octagon brilliance. Only time will tell.

^this is what perfection looks like
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