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Old 07-01-2012, 09:11 PM
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Question does anyone care about Ortiz/Griffin III anymore

...I cant decide if its because they have both grown older, or because the UFC have spaced out this best of three grudge match for the same length of time i've been posting on this forum...or if its just that I'm so dissolutioned with the politics of the UFC Judges...but back in the day...I mean, back in Holy Week 2006...this fight was the sort of fight which people would wager alot on

...its funny because in a way we've been terribly spoiled by the UFC now, with their expansion and their ability to put on a fight card every week...we find that some fight cards bearly get commented on...some argue its because there is a two tier system, with numbered events hosting names, and fight nights been filled with subpar fighters...but that, in essence, when you watch the cards isnt true...a no name fighter can be just as exciting to watch...but because he's no name, next to noone bothers to watch.

The other growing argument is maybe that there is so much UFC that we are begining not to care quite so much. We've got so much of a good thing, there are two many cards to keep tabs on.

Back in the day the UFC would host one fight card about every two or three callendar months...and when they happened, they had been talked to death on forums for weeks...the arguments had time to esculate, and people had time to divide into bandwagons...I mean the sort that would roll for weeks and weeks without any fight occuring, simply based on hype and peoples expectations and arguments.

Losses and Wins meant more....because you couldnt expect to proove yourself, or make ammends for so much longer...the UFC was smaller and so each fight counted for fighters far more, the numbers in the stable had to be kept lower so people could still fight more then once a year, when the card numbers were ten times less then right now.

I hate to admit this...but I think I liked it better back then...and I kinda miss that banter...its the banter that we HAVE seen between Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva simply because the fight has been a prospect for SO LONG...thats how main events Prior to UFC 60 were all about...

Even three years later when I made the following video about this Forum and its special links to the Ortiz/Griffin matches...there was little stir....now it seems like noone has even noticed...

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