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Default Matt Hughes: Raw. Determined. Real.

This is an article written by Sharon Patterson, a National Marketing Director who interviewed Matt at the Arnold Classic. I'm not sure if this article (or the interview itself) is posted anywhere else right now:

Matt Hughes: Raw. Determined. Real.
Meeting the 9-Time UFC Welterweight World Champion off the Mat...

It started with the 46th fight, an article, and an idea. That idea was one of many challenges I made to myself. I had to meet the man who is seemingly unbeatable by so many. Like most UFC fans, youíve watched Matt Hughes, the legendary Welterweight Champion in the octagon always throwing more jabs, uppercuts, left hooks and kicks than he takes. Itís a survivorís sport, carnal in every way... the raw definition of exciting. As Matt himself puts it, ďThere are fans who watch the sport for the danger of the unexpected, and those who watch it for technique.Ē For fans of Matt Hughes, he delivers both.

So back seven months ago my challenge was set forth into motion... how do I meet this person, how does he tick? One of the first things I learned about Matt is heís one to ask more questions about others than talk about himself. (Iíve interviewed hundreds of people in my life and heís the only one Iíve met who did not). I was forced to tap into my mind reading and body language abilities.

First impressions like Mattís can be intimidating for most, however spending a weekend with him at the Arnold was surprisingly fun and relaxing. His countless fans lined up eager to see the Hall of Fame fighter and each surprised to discover such a grounded person. Matt is your friend,