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Old 01-26-2009, 02:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker
See I think that this is prefect.. fun.. juvenile but harmless.. With all the crap Dana talks.. sure....

just a thought...

Fedor isn't "cut", not very physically impressive... impressive...

Do you suppose that he would actually smile if some one tried to mug him??

We have an ongoing conversation at my dojo...

What is dumber... trying to rob a cop bar... or a dojo...

I say a dojo.. cause the most dangerous students are the underbelts... getting the skills.. but not 100% control...

Off duty cops??? (shudder)??

does anybody remember a year or so ago when Aleks got into it at a bar in NYC with two guys who were beating up a girl?
I guess he just throttled those two.
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