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Old 03-13-2012, 01:07 AM
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I suppose it depends what the medals were made of....I suspect they are probably held in storage somewhere...but if any of them were of worth, monetry speaking...well...the United States has a history of melting its mints.

Who actually made the medals...was it the Federal Reserve? In England we have The Royal Mint, and you often find that thought they officially produce the coined currency...they also produce the medals and the likes...

IF those medals were produced by the Federal Reserve...then they might well have melted the medals back down the recycle the metal. During the world wars I think the Federal Reserve melted a whole host of coins they made ready for circulation and then changed their mind....coz I remember seeing one of the few coins that survived the melting, and it has body guards protecting it

Sounds strange but consider why England plans to open the olympics later this year with the ringing of bells? In Europe as the Nazi occupation spread across the continent, the Germans would remove all the bells they could find and melt the metal for use as munitions in the war effort...England was never occupied, and thus Englands bells, as in, pre WW2 all survived.

This is part of why when cities on the continent were liberated, the bells would ring. It was a nice touch for a population who had not heard the bells since the war began because the Germans physically stole them and destroyed them.

However callous it sounds, my money would be, particularly as we've had a recession, those medals being returned to their primative alloys and made into something else.
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