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Old 01-26-2012, 03:32 PM
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Default Chael Sonnen Live Chat at 11:30am EST

I've been trying to post this info, but only just now got to. Here's the link:


I'll try to post the summary afterwards, too.
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Old 01-26-2012, 04:24 PM
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OK, here's the text (Chael was about half an hour late, so I cut out the intro stuff where they were just stalling):

11:59 - Jeremy Botter:
Sorry again, folks. I'm still told that he's coming - UFC PR folks are trying to track him down.

12:03 - Comment From AllanWhy do you say that Anderson Silva will never fight again? Is it only a hunch or do you have some hot info?

12:04 - Chael Sonnen:
I think he may fight plenty of people, but I don't think he won't fight me. Our business is done. I want to focus on guys who will sign contracts and get onto the topics of people who will fight me. So I am letting people know, we will not fight again.

12:04 - Comment From Jeff
Chael, what would be your first order of business if you were elected President of Brazil?

12:05 - Chael Sonnen:
I'm not an aficianado on that country or culture. But they have a guy down there who has a PHD in charisma. They have the number five economy in the world. We could probably take some lessons from their president.

12:05 - Comment From Jeff
What was Big Nog's reaction when the bus wouldn't eat the carrot?

12:06 - Chael Sonnen:
I think he was just confused. You never know. He may have thought it was a llama or a goat. It was a weird thing.

12:06 - Comment From Tiberiu Rusu
When walking out to the octagon at UFC 136, do you remember what you were saying to yourself? Your lips were moving.

12:06 - Chael Sonnen:
Yes, I do. But I'm not sharing it.

12:06 - Comment From Tiberiu Rusu
How did you choose 'Too Much Fun' as your entrance song? Any special meaning?

12:07 - Chael Sonnen:
It does. It dates back to college. I enjoyed the song and I always thought to myself, when I'm in the UFC someday, this is the song I'm going to walk out to. And I actually told my friend that when we were kids. He laughed because he thought I would never get in the UFC.

12:07 - Comment From Niall
how much do you walk around at before cutting weight? 217? of muscle steel and sex appeal?

12:07 - Chael Sonnen:
217 pounds of muscle, steel and sex appeal. Yes.

12:07 - Comment From Brett
What advice would Chael give a young amateur fighter or a fighter at the start of his professional career?

12:07 - Chael Sonnen:
Get a coach that you trust and respect. Show up every single day.

12:07 - Comment From David Rodriguez
Have you seen Anderson Silva singing in the Burger King commercia? If yes what are you thoughts?

12:08 - Chael Sonnen:
Yes I have. I thought he did a pretty good job.

12:08 - Comment From mike-nava
chael , will we ever see you in the wwe?

12:09 - Chael Sonnen:
Every time they come to Portland, I try to check out the show. But the last time I went, the tickets they gave me were up in the nosebleeds. Draw your own conclusions. My ego was affected that they invited me and sat me way up there. Why would you invite me if I can't see the show?

12:09 - Comment From domenic
who do you think truly built this business ? and how do you feel about the Gracie family and their contribution to the sport?

12:09 - Chael Sonnen:
The Gracie Family truly built the business of MMA. Anyone who starts a discussion about that doesn't know the fact. It's off limits. They are MMA royalty.

12:09 - Comment From Davy
Chael, how do u come up w