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Old 01-19-2012, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I've never had a proper home of my own before, nothing to be house proud about. The first two houses were my parents, the next four houses were associated with university, the house after that was run by an institution, and then we've had Granville.

But this next house will not be rented from some crappy landlord who steals my money and gives nothing in return. It shall not be run by a spiteful instituion that thinks it controls your off duty hours as well as your paid employment. It shall not be a shabby room next to a billion other shabby rooms.

noone will come and inspect, noone will try and intimidate. I dont need to ask permission to do what I want.

Which means I can do what I want, and all the responsibility lies with me. It is a gift to treasure and use, it is a building I can convert into my own palace. I can paint the walls, decided I hate it, and wall paper instead! I can grow my own vegetable again, after Twelve Years of longing, they will be my vegetables, in my vegetable patch. I can have as many birds as I want, I can put them all outside in this avery, I can breed them if I so choose without worry that someone will dissaprove.

Everytime I pay the mortgage I shall own a little more of that house, a little more of the estate will fall directly to me, no middleman, no parents, no institution.

I have scarce dared to dream of this, for fear it will not come to fruition. But the possibilities, the projects, the excitement.

...and this has come from GOD you know. All the signs, every step of the way. He has made this possible. The timings have been perfect, the transitions from one event to the next.

The VERY week that this House was first presented to me. I distinctly remember being very excited when I was in the woods, a new area of exploration, across the main road from the Estate I shall move into!! although we didnt know that at the time...and hearing the owl in the sacred valley...I remember thinking that GOD was telling me that HE thought it was time I progressed...I have been thinking its been time to progress since November 2009...but I had to await his pleasure

I love the sound of the water at the river, Dave. Btw, is that a river or more a stream? It's nice you have this natural area right across from your new home. You'll love having the privacy of your own home.

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