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Old 12-14-2011, 10:31 PM
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Default England to open the Olympics with....

three mins of Bell ringing

The Tintinabulum is a bell whose purpose is to announce something. These bells were originally hidden within Churches, but Bells are all over the place, and they formed an important part in British History.

During the Second World War, after Germany began its bombing campaign with the Blitz the Government not only had to order blackouts...meaning, absolutely no production of light from the entire country in order to hide from the enemy, but they also had to order silence, that is to say the ceasation of all church bells and otherwise.

The Bells were only to be rung on two occasions. First in the event of a land based invasion of England by the Germans, the Bells were to ring out nation wide as a warning to everyone. The other was to be in Celebration of Liberation much later in the war when the Germans were pushed back from whence they came.

During the war campaign all kinds of metals were smelted for the production of military equipment....but Bells were safe guarded by Law...whereas on the Continent, a large proportion of the Germanic War Effort was supported by the systematic distruction of Continental Bells

Rumour has it...that in a similar capacity to the introduction of China, when the Olympic opening ceremony began with a gazillion drums...the opening of the British Hosted event is likely to begin with a three min nation wide sounding of all Church Bells


Since the war it appears Germany has been replenishing its stock
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