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Old 12-08-2011, 06:54 PM
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Default Bob Arum's 80th Birthday

You can wish him a happy birthday on his Facebook page. Just to share a few people who wished him a happy birthday, rather, mostly bashed him, LOL:
  • Ivan Rabago •••• you bob!about an hour ago · Like · 7
  • Dwight Kincy crookabout an hour ago · Like · 6
  • Tommy Cox Happy Bday bob now give us manny- mayweather about an hour ago · Like
  • Werdz Rodriguez happy bday Bob Arum!!!about an hour ago · Like
  • Levar Andrew Hall •••• ARUMabout an hour ago · Like · 3
  • Octavio Valdovinos •••• that crooked motho••••er.... I hope you die....about an hour ago · Like · 2
  • Wendel Cajeles Hapi bday sir..about an hour ago · Like
  • Jason Cruz Booooooooooo Bob Arum. Arum stop being evil and make Mayweather vs Pacquiao while you still can. 2 years from now the fight wont mean anything and who knows if you are still around.about an hour ago · Like · 3
  • Octavio Valdovinos Soonabout an hour ago · Like
  • Fernando J Dominguez Feliz cumpleaρos bob!! I have a couple champs in south bend, indiana!! Come watch em!!59 minutes ago · Like
  • Christopher Allan Paul Bamford wow 80 should be dead soon then we will get the mayweather pacquiao bout!59 minutes ago · Like
  • Chris Grissinger Good job buying the judges for Manny again. Sucka.59 minutes ago · Like · 2
  • Hugo Jay Barron ‎^^^ dang true but harsh lol59 minutes ago · Like · 2
  • Taj Harris Salute? The reason why boxing is going down the tubes is because of people like him! More concerned about making money for his self than giving the public the great fights they deserve!56 minutes ago · Like · 3
  • Ce De Pedro Molino My wish to mr.arum he wil give us the most anticipated fight of all time Pacman-mayweather let make it arum!56 minutes ago · Like
  • Luis Solorio Haha DAMN! Am I on a YouTube comment box?! Haha the matchmaking is more important than Bob's life!55 minutes ago · Like
  • Brett Fitzgerald I'll wish you a happy birthday once you make the Pac/Mayweather fight. None of us are fooled by your BS Bob! http://www.change.org/petitions/top-...-vs-mayweatherTop Rank Boxing: Do what's right for the FANS and BOXING, bring us Pacquiao vs. Mayweather!
    www.change.orgDear Bob Arum & Top Rank Boxing, We the fans request that you stop pursuing a 4t...See More

    55 minutes ago · Like ·
  • Rene Vazquez Moyett Greedy ass, you need to give back to the fans...55 minutes ago · Like · 2
  • Chris Grissinger You think he'll let Manny get in the ring with Floyd after he lost to Dinamita again???! Y'all crazy. That slimy •••• will never let Pacroid fight Floyd...Manny would get shut out...54 minutes ago · Like
  • Dan Murphy •••• bob arum 54 minutes ago · Like
  • Alex Miniat one of the few gangster alive today, happy birthday53 minutes ago · Unlike · 2
  • Lemuel Hingpit Happy birthday sir bob...Long live!
    ,give us what we neEd.
    Pacman vs gayweather.Bring it on!52 minutes ago · Like
  • Ryan Jimenez Capinpin happy bday bub!!!! lets get it on manny vs mayweather i cant wait dat fight....lol51 minutes ago · Like
  • Jay Harwin UFC scares bob50 minutes ago · Like
  • Jay Harwin UFC 140 DEC 10TH JONES VS MACHIDA48 minutes ago · Like
  • Brett Fitzgerald LOL @ Alex Miniat's comment!46 minutes ago · Like
  • Roejen Andres Happy Birthday to Bob Arum, & may God continue to bless him & prosper him more !!!!46 minutes ago · Like
  • Danny Guzman ‎80? God Damn! I guess that is what happens when you own MILLIONS of dollars. You move around and hustle like you are still 30. Act your age old man.45 minutes ago · Like
  • Jackie Barnett •••• him he need to have hos fighter sign that contract against mayweather...Arum sucks ass41 minutes ago · Like
  • Jesse Flores Happybirthday to pacman's pimp...40 minutes ago · Like · 2
  • Jackie Barnett His40 minutes ago · Like
  • Grecko Torrano •••• you Bob.... hope u enjoy hell soon39 minutes ago · Like
  • Grecko Torrano unless you make your puppet catchweight queen against sergio martinez without ur stupid catchweight tactics i wont take back what i said, until then, •••• you bob38 minutes ago · Like
  • Mike Martinez Nice congrats bob! Throw me on the top rank team!38 minutes ago · Like
  • Juan Pelajio hahahaha 80 dayyum ahahahaha Happy Birthday 36 minutes ago · Like
  • Diego Lozano •••• arum. Greedy scumbag. Let me guess pac vs marquez4 pac vs cotto 2 pac vs bradley choke on your birthday cake!32 minutes ago · Like · 1
  • Carlos Vargas U should retire ....32 minutes ago · Like
  • Victor Alexander DeAngelis Hey Bob....•••• YOU! Happy Birthday SUCKA30 minutes ago · Like
  • Ce De Pedro Molino Uncle bob happy 102 y.o birthday in advance..26 minutes ago · Like
  • Chris Vance Hopefully its his last19 minutes ago · Like
  • Javier Otero Put pacmam And floyd to fight An you Will have a nice birthday.13 minutes ago · Like
  • Bubba Ryan Newland Let pac Fight mayweather. That would be an awesome surprise5 minutes ago · Like
  • Angel M. Martinez happy berthday Bob!!!5 minutes ago · Like
  • Edgar Mauricio Happy birthday bob2 minutes ago · Like
  • Jay BurnSlow fcuk u bob2 minutes ago · Like
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