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well I enjoyed his book

I dont think it was supposed to be taken Litterally though

It had some good illustrations of GOD working in peoples lives...as played out in the Garden that they were tending...but Its so obviously not supposed to be literal...particularly the end where the guy is able to lead them to the place by following some kinda signs..

I seem to remember it was a bit pro the feminization of GOD which is an interesting way to avoid the Patriarchal view...but both are not really truthful of a GOD whose actual essence is neither male nor female, except by example for our benefit.

I believe that all of the Host are the same, neither male nor female, except to appear as one or the other in human form. Their names, and their examples are for our benefit, not for GODs benefit and not, perhaps, 100percent accurate. I suppose to be complete you must have elements of both...which is why the Union of GOD and the Church, is exactly the same as that of Marriage. Where the joining is supposed to be a spiritual union where both live with each other, and can not, in essence, live without each other. It involves Male and Female...and is supposed to be an illustration of how the GODhead lives in unity...perfectly three...and yet perfectly the same...The Church and Christ...again the analogy is wedding...and infact, despite the Human idea of a Male Dominated Church...the Church is seen as FEMALE...it is The Bride of Christ...its the Femine. So I think its alright to say that the essence of GOD contains both male and female in perfect ballence.

I empathize with those who want to use that to make GOD a woman and shock everyone by forcing them to think opposite to the norm...but we must remember that to think that way is no more true...then to think the way most of us already do. GOD is both...and like the Angelic Host...that also means he is kinda neither...he's everso slightly beyond the Temporal Boundaries that define Gender and Sex and the likes I reckon.
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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
well I enjoyed his book

I dont think it was supposed to be taken Litterally though

It had some good illustrations of GOD working in peoples lives...as played out


Gender and Sex and the likes I reckon.
Gotta make this quick:

These are worth the 3-4 hours of your life.
Remember that the verse about "take every thought captive" is regarding spiritual warfare.

1) Ok, first, straight sermon from an intense dude:

Next, he's not a professional speaker, but he's got the background necessary to explain things. He's kinda redundant between lectures because of differing venues.

There's this one...

And then I think it's this one...

In this, and the others, he's explaining the SUBTLE deception. Stories-as-teaching-tools use the (unspoken) setting as part of what's taught. If you don't believe me, look at how many kids films & shows portray the father's authority as invalid, all authority as abusive, and real freedom in self-justifying rebellion (e.g. the Chicken Little cartoon). Then, look at how the brats behave in real life. (Btw, "True Freedom=Rebellion" is a Luciferian doctrine, Gen3.) What stories are we teaching them by? Deut 6:1-10 (I think it's 6:7, but it may be Deut7:6 & I AM dyslexic).

Writers, even "christian" writers, are so deceived that they don't realize they are passing it on. As this speaker, and his colleagues, explain deception, it gets to be very involved. The deception being described is subtle, pervasive, and multi-layered. What I've learned is that in order to understand it, one needs to be willing to let go of some burned-in mental habits. Listen carefully; rewind if necessary; and let him piece things together. He's not a professional speaker, so he actually explored via tangents, which can be hard to follow itself. :(

If I'm wrong about the third video, sorry, then maybe it's this one:

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your mind. Wanna keep the sabbath holy? Here's a chance to honor the Lord with your mind. See Ephesians, that their hearts were hardened because their minds were darkened.

Have a good weekend. Gotta go.
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