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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
I love this show

Clay ain't dead...

We live in the twitter and facebook era, no way a guy like Ron Perlman gets offed from a tv-show and it's actually kept secret.

I did love the episode though, but that's typical because almost every episode has found a way to be better than the last, since the pilot. I do feel like Opie hesitated a lil' bit, If I had that clean of a shot I would have taken it, and left Clay's "thoughts" scattered on that table
I've been avoiding this thread all season because I've always been 1 or 2 episodes behind but I finally got caught up!

So... my SOA thoughts shotgunned out there in no particular order...

The new Fed going for the RICO conviction is a great actor because I absolute despise him. Not in the same way I did Stahl but he's just frickin annoying.

Can't believe Bobby/Elvis is in custody. Interesting to see how/if they get him and Juice out.

Clay ain't dead.....yet...... definitely a vest.. he knew it was coming. BUT... I'm pretty sure either He or Opie has got to leave the club. You can't have order with a member shooting the Prez. I'd like to see Clay voted out but doubt it happens.

The Jax/Tara storyline of them leaving is starting to bore me.

I'm tired of how much power they appropriate to Gemma... I have a hard time believing there is a conniving bitch behind every outlaw MC but who knows? I just have a hard time seeing a woman pulling the strings behind the: Hells Angels, Outlaws, Banditos, Pagans etc.

I think in the finale while the Fed's are chasing the club that either the Irish or Cartel are going to intervene somehow and save them. We will see though... just a hunch.
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