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Originally Posted by LookingToTheNorth
This post is in reference to the photo that Matt Hughes posted on his blog page. For anyone who ever had even the slightest doubt in Matt Hughes, I know for an absolute fact that Jed Leist asked to be "choked" out for the photo and that Mr. Hughes is 100% innocent of any wrong-doing! I was at UFC 64 and witnessed the alleged incident, as well as the "aftermath." The letter serves as validation that Mr. Hughes was in the right all along. It frightens me to no ends that the exact same day he wrote Mr. Hughes the "forgiveness" letter, he sent me hate mail. The exact same day! I will not go into much detail only that his letter is full of false accusations, name calling, slander & insults, attempts at blackmail, and threats against myself, my family and my friends. Are these the actions of a "saved Christian?" Matt, I beg you to beware and proceed with caution. God bless you, your family and all your fans always.

Did you know you can send Matt a Private Message (PM) ?

If you have information that you think he should have.... perhaps you should think about it...
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