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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
Well I would stand behind a prayer for your friend getting saved. But I could never support a prayer to end her engagement. That doesn't weigh well on my heart.

How about a prayer that God's will be done?
My sentiments precisely.

I shall pray for conversion...and I shall make an additional prayer for defence against attacks on Vizion...for we all know that the flesh is weak, and that the devil can entice lust and passion which if misshandled could truely ruin a situation such as this.

I will pray for patience so that Vizion CAN wait, for only GOD holds perfect time. I certainly will not pray for the destruction of her engagement...I can however pray that GOD provide what is required so that SHE knows his will and can follow it...and if that be marriage, so be it...but if it means a change of heart, then that is for the Lord to dictate and manage

Perhaps GOD is also showing you how he feels. After all, he loves each and everyone of us, enough to allow us NOT to love him in return. He knows what unrequited love feels like, and he allows it to continue because it can not be forced...but when its not reciprocated, do not assume that because he is GOD he is immune to feeling downcast and heartbroken that some of his children would rather enter union with the devil...then with him...
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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Does she know how you feel about her? If not, stop being a sissy and let her know. If you let her know, and she still chooses the other dude, at least you'll know you gave it a shot. Otherwise, you'll always regret "what might have been".

Man up and get that girl!
Good advice, I agree!
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