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Old 11-10-2011, 06:57 PM
Chris F
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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
When Bush won both his terms, he was the more popular candidate. Which one was the better choice is up for debate. The presidential campaign is a popularity contest more than a "who's best for the job" contest.
Bush lost the popular vote in 2000. Gore beat him in the area thanks to NY and CA. This is the reason we have the electoral college. That state with smaller population do not get ignored. 2004 he rode the 9/11 bandwagon and anyone was better than John Kerry
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Old 11-11-2011, 02:37 AM
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Did anyone watch the Republican debate last night? I thought it was good and it was nice to see they weren't attacking each other. One group who was asked who they thought was the winner said even though they hadn't gone in supporting Newt Gingrich, they thought he did the best job last night and would love to see him debate Obama. Poor Perry, clearly debate is not his strongsuit. I think Gingrich and Cain definitely have the edge in this type of arena, although, Cain probably shouldn't have used the words, "Princess Nancy" when referring to Nancy Pelosi.

I feel like the top three at this point are Gingrich, Cain and Romney with Perry and Ron Paul trailing behind.
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