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Default The Dean of Saint Paul's Resigns, Bishop Richard takes control

The Cathedral announced following the resignation of Canon Giles Frasier as Chancellor, that there Lawyers had advised that as The Coorperation of London was begining legal proceedings it was time that the Cathedral also launched a legal method of eviction. That began when they reopened church floor on Friday.

Tonight, the Dean of Saint Paul's Cathedral has submitted his resignation also Directly to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

He then called a Chapter meeting and informed them that with immediate effect he would be withdrawing completely from Saint Paul's Cathedral Community. The Chapter voted unanamously for Dr Richard Chartres, The Lord Bishop of London to take direct control of his Cathedra.

The Lord Bishop has made it clear he is in favour of the removal and end of the protest, but as he is technically speaking not part of Chapter, either Residential or Greater, this is the first time the Cathedral have made a direct plea for his help.

The Dean cited that the criticism of Saint Paul's Handling of the protest, from originally accepting the protest, to shutting the building, and then to starting legal action has made his position untennable.

This is the most monumental thing to happen at Saint Paul's since the appointment of Canon Lucy Winkett as a Minor Canon being the first Female Priest to join the Cathedral Clergy
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