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Old 10-12-2011, 04:25 PM
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Default UK Parliament prepares for the 160th Session

The UK Parliament Generally doesnt count its Sessions, or if it does, it counts the Sessions of a Particular Government.

Up until This year all British Governments have run for Three years or less. They are soon to run for fixed five year terms. In each Government every Year is marked as a Session, and begins after the summer break in November with a State Openning of Parliament.

Well Recess ended on Monday so Parliament is ready to open for the next session.

Now Sessions began when Permanent Governments sat, which happened after the English Civil War, but they were not marked by State Opening Events...so the first true session of Parliament as we understand it today happened when Parliament sat constantly in WestMinster Palace (as opposed to Westminster Hall) That happened after a fire and reconstruction of the Palace in 1852.

So Roughly speaking, for arguments sake, although in a General Ellection year the Session ends in May not November, and doesnt end til the following November. The UK Government is about at 160 Session

Anyway...they met for Prime Ministers Question time...I love prime ministers questions because it shows a good example of exactly how the British Government works. We have existed to long to sit quietly and be nice to one another...we heckle and we laugh and we jeer and we generally make sure that the party in power is allowed to be fully grilled by the parties that are not in power.

This time they are arguing about the unemployment. The Opposition say that the Austerity Budgit is raising high unemployment. The Government responds by saying that the mess was made first by their party in Government and that to backtrack will lead us to be a eurozone troubled country. They then start saying that the other cant even unify their parties so how can they unify the country....



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Old 10-12-2011, 05:05 PM
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Next on the list is Bank regulation. Ministers want the Banks to be prosecuted. The Government say Regulation Yes, prosecution, probably not.

Ministers ask about the publishing of a list to do with a Scandle surrounding whether an imposter in the Ministry of Defence had contact with other senior ministers.

Ministers ask will the Government pledge support to Air Developments. The Government says Yes.

Ministers ask about NHS cuts...can the Government Explain. The Government says we are increasing spending, and that they are doing a damn sight more then the opposition plans.

Ministers ask about Support for problem families. The Government explains that these problem families get lots of intervention from the judiciary but its not enough and now they are setting up a new unit to help the families.

Ministers Ask the Government to help in the Trial of a foreign Prime Minister of Ukraine. The Government say Absolutely, and that Nato, the EU and the Government are displeased by the Ukraine

Bedford says its starting a small business fund on a local level, does the Government approve...not exactly coz they arent following quite the right procedure.

Select Comittee says the National Archive needs to be saved and the forensic Science is not play ball. The Government says it aggrees with the FSS and says the select committe is too much evaluation and not enough action.

The Government says the Wellfare system is going to make sure that the housing benefit is going to be capped to make it worthwhile working rather then living on benefits

Ministers, alluding once again to the current MOD scandle asks the Government if the ministerial code is broken, should it result in contract termination. The Government says its specifically the decision of the Prime Minister to decide if a breach requires a termination. The poor defence Secretarys job is not looking good. But the Government support him.

We're back to retirement bills and transitions for the retirement age of women which is rising forcing women to work longer and cant withdraw their pensions until they are older.

Ministers say Gender Equality for Crown Succession is something the Government approve of and requests an update on how thats going saying this needs to be sorted out before future heirs are born, spurred on by the recent future heirs marriage and possibly an heir soon, should it be female...what then? will it succeed brothers born later. Government says Consultation underway, but the Queen says all Realms of the commonwealth must aggree as she is opposed, despite being a woman with the crown

Ministers push on the MOD scandle, the Government tells them they must wait for the outcome of the investigation.

Ministers ask if the Government will support the notion of all knife offenders being jailed, and to extend that to children below the age of consent. The Government wants a manditory sentance, but only for adults.

Ministers urge the Government to use the crisis in the EU to reclaim powers that the EU has stolen. The Government says we should help the EU with its crisis but we must have safeguards for ourself.

Ministers say the Wales business is in growth, but that the Government must continue to place pressure on the Banks for small business lending. The Government says absolutely

We're back to the high youth unemployment. The Government is still blaming Labour and saying even during our bloom of Labour the Youth unemployment was rising. Sit down and shut up.

Tax payers alliance report says the Union Leaders are being giving money. Will the Government please put a restraint on the absurd money going to the Unions.

Ministers say that the Government must gain control over its back benchers who wouldnt stick to topic in a debate recently, and wanted to talk about themselves rather then public enquiries into some catastrophe 20 odd years ago that killed a few people

The Government says that because of last night there will be another debate for the topic.

Ministers say enough of fluffy bunny subjects in accademia. The Government says its focused on the prime subjects first

Ministers ask for about a public enquiry into some matter of education based on Northern Ireland. Government says. NO to public enquiry, but that the Government must tell the truth about what happened before and if needs be an appology.

They talk about the release of a soldier on the front....and the time expires at 31 mins
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