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Old 09-29-2011, 07:24 PM
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Over the moon!

I am trying to move out of Granville and have three options. The first option is to move into council Housing. I am on the list for that but it could be a very long waiting list. If that works out I pay rent to the council and after five years I can begin to buy the property if I want.

The other option is to move and rent from another private landlord, there are always flats in the area, some are about the same rent, but better. This is the option that must happen around Christmas if either the others havent transpired

The final option looked to be a dead fish. Called part buy, part rent, it entails going into a house with a houseing agency. The one that we like in the area is called Sanctuary Housing and it is prepared to do a 50/50 split on a nice flat. 50 percent equates to 70 thousand Stirling in price...of which I would have to pay upfront. Obviously I dont have that money which is why you borrow from a bank as a mortgage, each month you pay rent to Sanctuary for their 50% and you pay the banks in return for your 50% but mortgages arent offered for people of my calibre at more then 40 Thousand Stirling. And so there is a gap...my Parents are offering to add 10 Thousand Stirling, meaning the maximum I can make is Fifty Thousand Stirling.

I am Twenty Thousand Pounds short, thats a fifteen percent gap. So Tommorow I shall phone Sanctuary housing and ask if they would consider a 35% ownership by me instead of 50 percent, and then ask them how much they will up the rent considering they would own 65% rather then 50%

Assuming they say Yes, and that the rent doesnt rise to much...then the Financial Advisor says she thinks she can broker with the banks to not just give me the money, but to allow me to pay it back so in total my Rent to Sanctuary, and my Mortgage to the bank would equal within Twenty Pounds of my monthly rent on Granville right now.

Harrogate Borough Council are still refusing to give me any benefits even though the outgoings would be the same, because half the outgoing would be mortgage and not rent...but they have cut my housing fund by Three Quarters since April...and it looks like this time next year they wouldnt be funding me anyway...soooo in short...•••• Them.

This is good timing because I am close to declairing all out war on my Landlord for a second time in my Five year Tenure
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