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Old 09-26-2011, 11:39 AM
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Another great tale Boomer, nice to know some things don't change.
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great tale boom .. sounds like the week was great ... but this thread needs more pics and videos ..
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Great tale, Boomer. I've got both my sis-in-laws in town so won't be able to update my end of the story until tomorrow. Trust me there are some KEY things from the forum side that have been omitted. no fault of Boomers the guy was all over Denver. LOL I've added a few pics in my album that Steve Red took, but they're enormous so I have to shrink them down

You all were missed greatly!
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I'll add my little story.....

I got up at 4:30 am on Saturday morning so that I could get to the airport. I was not entirely awake (who would be?) and forgot all kinds of stuff. I did have the main necessities for this trip....Matt Hughes OMR shirt, credit card I bought the tickets with, and my ID.

I leave San Diego and get to Denver around 10:00 am. I meet up with my parents and my sister and her family (I am originally from CO). We go to the zoo and hang out there until about 1:30 and then my dad and I take off and head to the Pepsi Center.

I had remembered that there was an autograph signing going on from 2:00 until fight time, so we stood in line to get autographs. I thought it was supposed to be Bisping, Rashad, Ludwig, and Schaub....but Rashad was not there and Bisping was just roaming around.

Got into the fights and we were 8 rows up and were sitting about 5 seats over from the tunnel that Matt and Bones came out of (also where all the fighters exited to after their fights). They were really good seats and you could pretty much watch the whole fight in the cage rather than watching the big screen. The crowd was amazing, I have never seen or heard a more pro-Hughes crowd....it was great and made me proud to be a fan! When Hank started playing, it was electric.

The fight didn't go how we all hoped, but Matt did a great job. His standup looked great and he surprised Kos. From what I remember, it was a knee that Matt tried that caused him to get off