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Default Zadokites given half portion of Levite Land?

I have two questions...All of Israel (and I mean ancient Israel) is divided into portions for the tribes. The Levites dont have a portion of land, what they have is a strip of land which is supposed to be GODs portion of Land. in the centre of this land presumably according to Ezekiel must be Jerusalem, because its the Sanctury.

The Bible mentions a Priest called Zadock, who seems to appear out of nowhere, and dissapear back into nowhere.

Now Ezekiel says that half the land of the Levites, so Half of GODs portion is to go to the Zadokites because they served GOD when the Levites went through a spell of rebellion.

Am I right to assume these Zadokites were named after Zadok? Could they also be associated with the Priest King Melchizadek who suddenly appears, and dissapears out of a city state called Salem (could that be a precursor to Jerusalem??)

Does anyone know what happened to them? because they must have been considered of great importance by GOD for them to not be levites or any of the other tribes...but be granted half of the most sacred portion of the land?? you only ever here about the levites....Ezekiel 48 makes a very clear distinction between the two
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