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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy View Post
I feel ya.. I have so much going on.. Right now I look like a fat pale vampire my skin is normally soft brown and I am ghostly white.. Aside from the personal stuff my work life SUCKS!! I got a new boss and new director.. I sit here under strict timeframes basically correcting things our company outsourced to the Phillipines!!!!!!!!! She has the Napoleon, alpha dog, short *hit syndrome.. My body hurts physically from the high demand..To make matters worse the broad that sits behind me chomps on ice all day long I get sick of hearing her chomp and the sound the ice makes everytime she lifts her cup up n down!!!!!!! I have been looking for other jobs in a basically broke state no one is paying good and I have a good income and benefits so I just wanna shoot my foot off or something.
two words .. workers comp
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