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Old 07-22-2011, 03:17 PM
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Default Getting Started

Ok so Im 26 years old Im 5' 7" and on a good day I could weigh up to 135lbs.

I haven't been to a gym in probably almost 3 years. My goal is to gain some muscle and bulk up a little. My question to you guys is how do I get started?
My goal is to be like or at least close to Urijah Fabers body type.(LoL I know im pushing it a little) What should I start doing? How does one just start working out? I mean I weigh the same as he does and I'm about the same height but if you put me next to him I probably look like a Flyweight and he looks like Brock Lesnar!

I know a major key is Dieting but How should I start my training.....
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