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Old 07-12-2011, 09:09 PM
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Default The Fourth Financial Unstable European Country is..ITALY!!

The papers are now refering to it as "A contageon"

Basically, those countries which were unsound with their money have been lumped together with those who have been sound with their money, under the umbrella of The Euro....This is not so great...because it means any shift in the continental economy, and suddenly entire countries are on the verge of financial ruin...and as the Euro is...bascially...shyte, and falling apart...country after country are begining to declaire the need for a Country Sized Bail out.

You guys screamed when your Government bailed out its own bank...imagine, you Country having to pay to bail out...Brazil or something...

This is happening in Europe RIGHT NOW.

So the people that decide are the International Monitary Fund...which is closely tied to The European Union...Interestingly...England is part of the European Union...but NOT part of the Euro...so we have to pay for countries who fail on a currency we dont even use...and we are excluded from discussions because only Curency Users are permitted to do that

But the European Union itself is on the verge of meltdown, as Two Countries in Europe Announced that they plan to send ALL Eastern European Mingrants BACK to where they came from if they are jobless in their countries for more then Three Months This would violate the freedom of movement that people are supposed to have within the Union that makes it far to easy to move from the Shyte Countries, to The Great Countries...and thats for LEGAL Migrants...let alone the Illegal ones (okay...so The Dutch is one of the Offenders...and I think a Baltic Country is another...) They say •••• the Union

Anyway....Greece was first to take a tumble...followed by The Republic of Eire...and then Portugal. All these are minors compared to some States in Europe...

Italy is supposed to be the THIRD LARGEST European Economy.

We are expecting them to ask for a Bail out later this week

I think England should leave the European Union...then watch as the Union and its damned currency collapse...With any luck the European Parliament, and European Court of Human Rights, and Brussels in its bloody entireity will never surface again.

THEN we can thank the Americans for TRUELY Liberating Europe
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