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Old 07-05-2011, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
I think riding without a helmet is dumb, but it should be up to the rider to decide. However, a helmetless rider shouldn't expect anyone else to pick up the hospital bill if he is injured because he chose not to wear one.
I can understand why they wouldn't want to, but I agree with you...dumb! I have a feeling Chuck is going to have something to say to us!

Originally Posted by adamt View Post
no one should ever expect someone else to pick up the medical tab, thats just another stupid thing our government is into

we have to wear seatbelts helmets and such, but there is still no real law to prevent stupid drunks from killing others on the road.... its ridiculous.... texting is still a big deal as well, that stuff hurts others, not wearing seat belts or helmets doesn't

the government needs to get things in order,,,,, crack down on things that people do that hurt others and stop trying to dictate and micromanage individuals, what's next saying i can't let my kids play in the rain, or ride on the tractor with me or saying i can't let them swim in a pool or go outside barefoot,
But that's just it Adam and Cathy, I don't think it does just affect them if they get injured. If they get a severe head injury, and need medical help for the rest of their lives but can't pay for it, who picks up the tab? Maybe Chuck can answer this next question because I'm not sure about it--are insurance rates higher for motorcyclists? If not, maybe they should make it higher like they do for people who have more extreme high-risk jobs/pleasure hobbies.

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County Mike
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Motorcycle insurance is VERY cheap. You can just get liability and since a motorcycle isn't likely to do much damage to another vehicle, it's really cheap. In NJ, only a couple hundred $$ per year.
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