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Originally Posted by Frank The Tank
Thanks Amy,

There are many of us. This is my fourth deployment. I have lost brother Soldiers and I believe there is a purpose for what we do. When I have time I enjoy watching some of the old UFC DVDs. I am 30, have been in the Army for 12 years. I am realy getting in to working out here, and have even thought about getting into MMA when I get home (Fort Gordon (Augusta), GA). I dont think my wife would like to watch me get my face busted up though

Believe it or not, I was not a big fan of Hughes at first. He seemed cocky and a bit concieted. However, I have begun to form a great respect for him. He is a Godly man that has confidence and he is a professional. Probably the best pound for pound MMA fighter ever. I look up to him and I am finding that I do have a lot in common with him. I wish him the best in his next fight and many of us over here in the sandbox will be pulling for him.

All the best,


I come from a long line of vets so it is a big deal to me that Matt enjoys his visits at the hospitals and other vet functions so much. He has been to both the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Center in San Antonio and Walter Reed Hospital in DC in recent months. I did the photography for him so I got to see first hand just how much it affected him.

I am really glad that you found this site. It'll be great to hear your perspective on different things including the PPVs. I hope you continue to post and interact with all us crazy folk.

Be safe,


My son made this for me:
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