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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
Its just funny to me that its ok to defend and feel sorry for poor ol' Marquardt because he is a nice person, well spoken, and respectful. God forbid you feel the same way about Sonnen though because he's cocky and talks lot's of trash!


1. I asked why it was ok for your boyfriend Chael to still have a job and not him.

2. I still think its B.S

3. Sonnen = fraud

4. 10 years from now Sonnen still wont be able to defend the triangle choke.

5. Vcu still smells like pineapples

6. Steelers are indeed terrible.

7. Go Packers

8. Cubs will never ever win a title

9. I just managed to ramble on and waste most of everyone's time.

10. Bets your still reading this worthless dribble..
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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
OK, for those of you that really want to debate Chael's HRT vs. Nate's HRT, there's a thread that SW started specifically on that topic over HERE.

Let's get back on topic, please & thanks.

Here's a really informative interview with Keith Kizer (NSAC Director) on TapouT TV where he goes into the specifics of their Theraputic Use Exemption policies. It's about 111min long, but absolutely worth the listen. Highlights after the link:
  • Application process (only 1 or 2 a year):
    • Proof of illness
    • Test documents
      • Test levels must be low (not just low-normal)
    • Treatment plan
      • No undue harm
      • No unfair advantage
        • No “super-doses”
    • Sworn statement stating no fail drug test & no PEDs
      • Self-inflicted
    • Commish doc confers with fighter’s doc
    • LH & FSH levels
      • Must be normal or better
      • Low indicates prior PEDs usage
According to this, I don't think that Nate would have been approved for TUE in Nevada, for two reasons: 1) he's failed a previous drug test, implying that this could be a self-inflicted injury; 2) the treatment program that Nate was originally on (before his doc advised the more aggressive treatment just before this fight) was a pill meant to stimulate Nate's pituitary glands into producing more LH which in turn would tell his testicles to create more testosterone. If his body has a deficiency in LH, then that means that it was probably caused by the OTC supplement he had been taking for years before finding out that it was banned (when he tested positive in 2005).

Please note, all the info that I've relaying here about Nate's meds & supplement usage are based on my memories of his interview yesterday on the MMA Hour. If my facts are off, then I apologize.
Thanks for all the info, I wondered why he would be using TRT too.
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Originally Posted by logrus View Post
5. Vcu still smells like pineapples
Dude, how many times I gotta tell you to stop sniffing me while I'm asleep??

Originally Posted by logrus View Post
10. Bets your still reading this worthless dribble..
Yeah, I totally am!
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