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Default The Pope begins conquest of Anglican Communion

About Two Years ago the Anglican Communion, a group of Protestant Churches across areas of the globe that were under British Rule during the Reformation, fractured.

Two Issues divided the Church of England. The first was the Ordination and Consecration of practising homosexuals. Always a touchy subject, made worse by the American Episcopal Church which simply began ordaining without consulting the Communion. The Gospel Churches of Africa were so enraged that the boycotted the great Lambeth Conferences, and set up their own alternative lambeth conference. Its a division that still threatens strife

the second Issue was the issue of Women in Ministry, something which the Church of England has allowed for a decade or so...but now the option was begining to suggest that Consecration of Women Bishops was on the cards, and this upset many of the High Church side of Anglicanism

Sensing the problems of the Anglican Church, Pope Benedict of the Roman Catholic Church decided to write an Apostolic Constitution that designed "ordinariates" for disgruntled Anglicans. Effectively the offer was made to Anglicans world wide that they could join the Roman Church, but keep their prayer book and service structure as it is. In order to do this they would be part of a Diocise INSIDE a Diocise already under Roman Authority (Essentially the Roman alternative to the proposed Anglican ideal of a "Third Province" which was a third province in England which was for any geographical part of the northern or southern province, that wanted to avoid Women in Ministry. they would be neither under canterbury, nor York...but a "third" province where the more liberal rules did not apply, and Bishops were "flying" and thus not grounded in Cathedrals but flying country wide to the specific churches that opted out of the general norm...it didnt work)

After a Year the Vatican is ready to launch two Ordinariates...one in England, One in America...Two entire parishes of the Episcopalian Church have decided to Turn to Rome...and Sixty Priests along with Three Bishops from the Church of England, have also decided to turn to Rome...They will be ordained/Consecrated at Pentecost.

Rome pretends to be helpping...but naturally, she is devisively spliting up the communion, by offering a way out of negotiation and communion with other Anglicans...One supposes that eventually, come the next Pope...this Apostolic Consitution will vanish, the Ordinariates will disintegrated, and these Churches that have allied themselves with Rome will be 100percent Roman. Thats nothing short of a conquest.
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