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Old 06-05-2011, 09:46 PM
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Default another war time blunder from Adolf Hitler

Possibly THE most Non Military minded Commander in History, bungled, not once, but twice on winning world war two by taking England

The most famous time was when he pushed the English off the continent and into the Channel....He decided instead of invading England, a relativly small task for controller of the entire European Continent, and a small stretch of water over which lay a now completely defenceless Super-power.

instead...he thought a cold winter in Russia was more important. He lost both

...but in 1942...there was the sixty three Germany Armada. It was docked in France down in the Atlantic Ocean...where they were picking off trans-atlantic supplies to England...when Hitler had a brain wave.

Why not take those ships, and instead deploy them into the Baltic where they could protect the motherland from...erm....Raindeer

The German Navy was mortified...coz Adolf wanted them to go through the English Channel...and near Dover...thats a SMALL space to drive sixty three of your finest warships without the british realizing.

The laugh is....the sixty three were first sighted...when they came INTO VISUAL RANGE of Dover Castle...OMFG soooo what did England do?

it launched the twelve "swordfish" aircraft it had left un-deployed. Suprisingly enough, the Germans distroyed the attack force...and then...continued FLEEING THROUGH THE CHANNEL

SIXTY THREE WARSHIPS, THE Largest Flotilla of the German Navy...about THREE MILES off the south coast of a Defenceless England.....

....and they fled to Norway to defend against the phantom Baltic menace.

somewhere Ludwig Beck turns in his grave
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