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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
If you ask me, showing up willing, especially when he could have easily saved his money and stayed in Brazil; it shows strong character that he believes he can prove his innocence.

Innocent until PROVEN guilty!
Maybe he came becasue the other option was being detained in Brazil where he likely would be held until an extradition hearing, which he COULD have been advised he would lose, so he decided to save himself some legal time and jump into being able to actually fight the charges. We do have an extradition treaty with Brazil.

I'm ok with not trying to stone the man to death before the courts system has a chance to work, and this story lacks a lot of information that normal news stories would about cases like this. He has shown bad judgement in the past with a DUI and the failed drug test(s) so he shouldn't expect people to jump to his defense.
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