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Old 05-14-2011, 05:16 PM
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Exclamation Benedict releases "Universae Ecclesiae" Reversing Mass to Pre Vatican 2!

dont be fooled by the soft spoken Pope...he still wants to return Rome to its former Glory...and he's started by finally decreeing the Mass as authentic style Pre Vatican 2. He's been trying to do this for ages...but I thought he was mellowing...Now he's got his chums to make very clear that those Liberal Churches who are questioning this return of the Old Style Mass should not be questioning the Pontiffs authority

He has finally got this ammendment through The Doctrine For The Congregation of the Faith...DID YOU KNOW the current Head of the Inquisition is an AMERICAN Cardinal Cardinal William Levada has been Head of The Doctrine for The Congregation of The Faith since Benedict became Pope (Before Benedict was Pope, He was in that position himself!)


I can never remember if its Congregation for the doctrine of the faith, or doctrine for the congregation of the faith...soo we may as well just call it "The Inquisition" Benedict would like that, since its old style pre vatican 2 LOL

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