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Default Ben Bentley's Blog

He's still whining for not getting picked. He's a bit more calm about it, but still being a big baby.

Len Bentley’s TUF 13 Blog: Bum knee and a bummer, insult to injury
by Len Bentley on May 5, 2011 12:38:31 AM in Features, Fighter Features

Len Bentley blogs TUF 13 for MMADieHards.com

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Len Bentley files a weekly blog for MMADieHards.com and appears Thursdays on Punch Drunk Radio on the MMADieHards Radio Network)

My expectations coming into the TUF 13 house were through the roof.

When Brock Lesnar made me the first pick out of anybody, things were going according to plan. But it all began turning against me when my fight against Ryan McGillivray did not go my way and I did not get that third round to earn the win.

By Episode 6, things were getting ridiculous.

We knew there were four guys left who had not fought, and that meant those fights were going to happen and the wild cards would get picked. You saw me talking to Brock, and it looked like a no-brainer.

One of those wild card spots was mine.

Next thing I knew, I was in pain on the mat when my left knee popped. You’re always thinking it’s the worst, and it sure as hell felt like it. They showed me getting wheeled into the emergency room with Clay Harvison, and somehow we each got the best possible news, considering what happened. My ACL was not torn, but the tendon under my kneecap was stretched out and there were no structural damage. Pain and soreness were not going to keep me from fighting. Clay’s bone had popped through the skin, but it turned out his pinkie was only dislocated. I did not know that was even possible, and it definitely looked gross.