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Default King James Bible reaches 400 Years of Age

in 1604 King James I Called for a new Version of the Bible in English. The Reformation was finally passed, but the Puritans were unhappy with the First Two Official Bible Versions in England (largely not used anymore) the first was commissoned by King Henry VIII when he founded Anglicanism, and a convocation of Bishops had ordered a second Version under Elizabeth I (which is largely when the Reformation ended in England and Protestantism was safeguarded, until that time successive monarchs had swung between Romanism and Anglicanism with each succession of the crown, and they were prone to persecuting citizens that did not own their sway. Elizabeth finally got much of Anglicanism sealed, in her Parliamentary votes, She locked up a good number of Roman Catholic Bishops the morning of the vote so they couldnt Vote against Anglicanism ) and she Defeated the Spanish Inquisition which in retaliation launched a full scale invasion and ursuption of Elizabeth, that failed, dismally, in the channel not far from the south coast.

King James (also a King of Scotland, the first to be both by accident) got the the Oxbridge University Scholars to divide the Bible up into portions and each be responsible for just a portion...that way as all portions were started at the same time it would take less time....and left it to Canterbury to run the project.

in 1611 the King James Version was complete and began to be produced for the masses on the printing press. The KJV has become the standard old Bible text for Protestantism ever since, replacing both earlier productions from the reformation era itself, which had mainly been reserved only for the churches and clergy and of course providing the Scriptures in the language of the masses, rather then the Roman Vulgate who...noone in England really read, wrote, or spoke...and thus had no comprehension.

People could own their own Bible, in their own language, at home, as lay people, for the very first time 400 years ago this week. It cost 10 shillings apparently
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