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Default A Great Redemption

I dont do forgiveness very well. I tend to favour holding grudges. I am also a horrible Judge, and noone do I judge more harshly then myself. If I had a spiritual awakening, or Birth on August 8th 1998, during my Annus mirabilis, then I surely had the most tragic of spiritual misfortunes, or deaths during my annus horribilis on April 8th 2003, exactly Eight Years Ago Today. I committed a moments indescretion that a life time of prudance can not erase. I committed a gross sin against GOD, and a terrible sin against myself also. Over the years I have come to hate the date of April 8th, which is cluttered with many other devotions, like the death of my Step Grandad for example in 2005, or, the more tragic Bilton Protocol (a set of new rules by which to live) which were the most fantastic thing to have come out of my spiritual progression since 1998...to be washed away a year to the date after April 8th 2002.

In accordance with "Freedom Of The City" (a complete spiritual paradigmn shift, that occured in Chicago whilst on tour in the United States) I have learned to listen with spiritual ears, and to learn from a set of tests which have dominated this New Season of my life. In this New Season, I have developed a link with Christ that occures quite apart from Scriptural Meditations, and each month I seem to learn from some situation that allows for spiritual growth, sometimes these Revelations are small, sometimes, they can be quite large. As it is a Jubilee Year, I am not suprised in hindsight that on this occasion, it was very large indeed. I have noticed just HOW this communication is established and maintained. I have a great interest in two things, Symbology, and Record Keeping of the Past...so it is through these ellements that I often encounter spiritual development. I believe that this is because for years I asked for direct contact, and for years it was given to me but in a way that I could not understand. That is what happens when one is spiritually blind...its not that GOD isnt speaking...he speaks constantly because that is in fact the way he creates...It is not cooincidence that Scientists interested in the basis of matter are talking about wavelengths, and sounds...when the Jewish Holy Book said that GOD Created the universe...it mentions two fascinating ways in which this happen...neither of them are by using his hands. He used his Voice and His Breathe...in otherwords, his entire Modus Operandi is Action Directly through Words...sounds...Voice. Therefore if he constantly ACTS, he must by definition be constantly TALKING. It also explains why Saint Paul says its impossible to experience Nature and the World without seeing something however small of GOD. it is not cooincidence that Christ (the person) and The Bible (A written document) are both called by the same word. That word is infact WORD...as in Talk...as in the Greek word Logos...But I Digress

Two Gifts in the Morning conspired to bring about the possibility of such a revelation as the one I received today. The first was the beautiful Weather, the second was the odd request that I take unpaid leave for the afternoon to aid the company. I usually flat out refuse such an offer, because I need the money, but knowing this, I am not usually asked...so when the conditions are right (the nice weather) and I am asked nicely, sometimes I grant such a request. These Conditions on average appear one a year. So to have both happen on April 8th, a day already sacred, albeit in a negative way, is a trinity of coincidences conspiring to get me out of work, and also, to grab my attention.

After lunch I decided to go out walking, I made a plan (Which GOD ruined) to go to Hookstone Woods and walk the link between there and Birk Crag on the ringways path which is as yet uncharted and unexplored by me. Even if academically I know exactly the geography from point a to point b. I had two bizzare thoughts, both of which I didnt listen to, when I should have, both will cause my return tommorrow afternoon after work. I thought that I should take my camara with me on the walk...it was a thought that came out of the blue. These Thoughts are 9 times out of 10, deposits, angelic whispers...I am very good at spotting Demonic Whispers in my thought life...but I struggle to see the difference between intuition and Angelic Voices. Anyway, I decided it wouldnt be worth it, as it was hot, and whats to document on a direct link path?? Then I had a sudden thought, maybe I should pack my Spiritual Journal. I rejected that idea. If I did that on a day like today, i'd just upset myself with rehashing a horrible history, that, if you must know, you can hear in the following video.


I began my walk on the stray, then to morrisons, then to stonefall park, then to sainsburys, then to the showground, and then to crimplebeck. As I was wondering through the known part of Crimple Beck I walked past a turning. I actually continued and then turned round and went to investigate the turning. but not until admiring a small beach, I have since called "Advent Beach" for it is the preparation before "Havens Sanctuary" which I would go on to discover.

I discovered a nearly totally hidden path. As I walked along it, I asked myself, how come I missed this path afew weeks ago when I was mapping the area. The first thought was that I had been in a rush to get home that day, due to the fact that I had arranged at last moment to visit my Nan, for pancakes. Spiritual Alarm Bells began ringing...I'd missed this path around sundown of the day prior to the start of Lent...My Tests often occure, or are associated with the changing of liturgical seasons, because My GOD knows its a trigger he can use to get my attention in retrospect, like the Lesson Of The Ordinary in 2010. Okay...so if this was the case, then I had been spiritually blinded into NOT seeing the path, and thus now to see it meant it must surely be the right time to explore...on April 8th...fascinating. As I walked the path it became a steep ridge with a drop on either side, it was a narrow path, which made me laugh, because another reason, as the video below shows, for missing the path the first time was because I only saw the large path and the large gate (notice the overhanging arch of the tree) well there is a tiny Arch over the small path also...what is it about a Narrow Gate? well...to use its opposite, do they not say it is the primrose path that leads to the everlasting bonfire.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXYweNEtsGs (7.06-7.12 "only to the stump" turned out to be untrue!)

I was now convinced that too many cooincidences had happened, and GOD was trying to get my attention. So I began looking for things. I passed some mud pits. They were black as tar, and probably deep...Black as Sin...alright...Sin Pits it is. I like to do what they do in the Old Testament, when they discover a new place they give it a name depending on what happens to them their. So far I had sin. Story of my life.

finally the track ended at a T junction, one led down to the river, the other led up an incline. I decided to go up the incline first. I entered a part of the woods that very few people go into, because the access corridor is so easy to miss...BUT its also in full view of everyone who walks the ringways path, for as they cross a field after crimple beck, they can SEE the beautiful forrest, but it is across the Beck which has barbed wire fence. All the dog walkers looked at me in astonishment, and I dare say envy...it became so intimidating, I got up from the tree I was sitting on and turned to face away from the field. I then had a deposit in the form of an abstract Biblical cameo. Dont ask me for names or references, I cant recall...but there is a guy in Hell, whose torment is made worse by the fact that he can see