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Originally Posted by bradwright View Post
i would think for most of these girls....its all about the money.
I think it's even more than the money; I think a lot of them are hoping it might lead to something bigger and better careerwise. Much like what the UFC is for mma, the "big show", that's what Playboy is for these young unknowns or lesser knowns looking to get big exposure (no pun intended ).

Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
If the girl was a loved one, I'd probably want her to turn them down. Since I don't know her, pose your heart out.
I hope she doesn't do it, but... When you're young you make choices not fully comprehending how they're going to affect you and your life later on. And now, with the internet and all these devices people use to "share", these images are forever for anybody to see for the rest of your life.

A couple of years ago I was watching Denise Richards' reality show, and in this episode, she's babysitting her young teenage nephew and a couple of his friends come over. One boy's dad had a copy of the Playboy issue that she posed for and the boy had snuck it out, and him and the other friend were looking at it. Her nephew, thankfully, chose not to look at it. She confiscated the mag, sent the other two home and sat down to talk with her nephew. It was awkward for both of them to say the least. Also, as part of this episode, Playboy was offering her another pictorial, but she turns it down. I don't know if she regrets doing Playboy the first time or not, but I think being a mommy now to two precious little girls was a big factor in her decision not to do it this time.

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