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Default Bigfoot Silva Doesnt Agree On Lesnar Being No. 2


Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva has never hidden his big dream of fighting Fedor Emelianenko, and the victory over the Russian on Strikeforce was overwhelming. Exactly one month after beating the MMA legend, the Brazilian heard that the event has been purchased by its rival, UFC.

“It’ll be very good, I’m looking forwards to know how it’ll be like”, celebrates Bigfoot, revealing that, in case the events merged today, he’d have an opponent he’d like to fight. “I’ve never had issues with anybody, I’ve always respected everybody, but as a professional I believe it’d be interesting fighting Brock Lesnar”, Silva told TATAME, explaining his choice. “I don’t agree that Brock is the second on the ranking, it doesn’t make sense. This fight would be interesting so I put Brock on the place where he was supposed to be… It really doesn’t make any sense”.

According to the UFC promoters, on a conference call that happened yesterday afternoon, Strikeforce will continue to work aside from the main event, much because of the contract the organization has with Showtime, responsible for the promotion of the shows. Dana White didn’t discard, though, that some fighters might change events before the expiration of the contract between Strikeforce and Showtime, in 2014.
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I don't agree with him being #2 either... I'd like to see more professionals expose Brock.
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At least now he is posting articles.. from other sites.. I do that with MMAMania.. his only self promotion is his sig...
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