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Old 03-04-2009, 11:18 PM
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Originally Posted by bradwright
I'm turning into Just Another Nervous Wreck waiting for this card,i know i dont post much on here but i said to myself,Brad,dont Hide In Your Shell,come on out and tell the folks what you think,

Not like some of the people around here that just like to see and not be seen,
to them i would like to say,,Good Bye Stranger,but that would just be rude,
before i tell you my predictions just let me say i get my information from a lot of different sources,

just because the UFC is headquartered in the USA doesn't mean i have to get my Breakfast In America every day,If Everyone Was Listening i mean really listening, you would find lots of food for thought from all over the world.
well some times folks around here go after GSP for that imaginary greasing thing,some get so carried away you would think it was the Crime Of The Century,

some times i get a little worked up over these things and my friend Rudy likes to keep me in line,,
every time he notices some tension in me he say's,Brad maybe after work you should Take The Long Way Home,swing around by your old School and try to think back to a better time in your life,
well i take his advice from time to time,

just the other day i did just that,by the time i got there all the kids were gone home and i sat down on the swing,took a look around and thought,Ain't Nobody But Me here,it really is very relaxing,

From Now On i will Give A Little Bit more consideration to others and their thoughts,but for now i will indulge the day Dreamer in me and try to think what the world would be like with out all the fighting,

oh oh,looks like Its Raining Again,time to go home,i will have to give you my predictions some other time,

I enjoyed that!
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