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Old 03-13-2011, 01:47 PM
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Default I dont know what to call this thread

Okay...what I'm going to say is probably going to sound...very strange to some people...but I have to tell someone...If you dont believe what I am about to say, or the links I made then thats your opinion, but you wont change my mind.

About two weeks ago I went walking in the woods, its a place I often go for spiritual reasons, I feel more able to think and pray away from people, and on my own, burried within Nature then any time else. I actually saw an Owl, an Owl that was hooting. If any of you have ever known or read the very small amount I post about my personal relationship with GOD, you will know that birds figure quite deeply, because they are a sign to me that I am loved. You will also know they tend to appear, before something spiritual happens in my development. mostly they just bring comfort, they do not mean success or reward. They would have a knack of being front page newspaper articals, the same day I would get rejected from a Job I really wanted...or something like that.

Owls became the most commonly used Sign. So when I saw, with my own eyes, the wild owl and watched it for a bit, I had a feeling that sometime over the holiday something would occure, maybe big, maybe small, that I could look back on and see as some Key Spiritual Development, or something I could draw comfort from

Last night when I went to bed, I started to dream almost right away. I was just enveloped in darkness, which at first seemed quite pleasent. I became aware of chanting, which again seemed quite pleasent. But over time this chanting got louder and faster, and started sounding very disjointed, it morphed from something which sounded like Gregorian Chant, into something that sounded like spells and incantations. I discovered that I was seemingly saying the words of this chant aswell, without knowing what I was saying, and I couldnt stop myself from saying it.

Thats when I got a little bit frightened, and woke up with a jolt.

I went back to sleep, and the same dream began to happen again, except there was more voices, and more chanting, and then some other voice over the top, which wasnt really speaking, audibly, but never the less, I could understand what this presence wanted, and it was alligience. It wasnt asking for loyalty, it was demanding it, and was forcing me into speaking all this crap. I was in tears within my dream because I couldnt stop.

with a jolt I woke up again, to find I really was crying...but also, that I really WAS speaking, and that whatever was in my dream, was real, and in my room aswell. It sort of...shimmered but in a grisly way, and I think there was the sound of flapping wings and the likes...by this point I didnt know if I was still awake, or had gone back to sleep.

Thats when something in me...whilst my mouth was still chattering away, called out to Jesus for Help. I have almost never been that terrified before.

I dont remember much after that, except that all most right away, the noises of the chanting, and the presence I had felt began to dissapate...and dissapate is a good word to use...like fade out. They were replaced with darkness again, but it was a warming darkness.

I then woke up, and went to my parents and discussed it with them and prayed with them about it. To find myself, waking up in my bed. Soooo that I actually had not gone to my parents and prayed with them..but had dreamt that I had.

After that I went to bed and had another dream, but that was perfectly normal, and once I woke in the Morning, I felt very refreshed and happy. I then went to meet my Sister...and we went to church...and the opening hymn really struck me...it was only then that I had realized that it was the first Sunday of Lent...and the whole topic was about how Christ was Tempted by the Devil.

"and if Satan, Vexing sore,
flesh or spirit would assail,
thou, his vanquisher before,
grant we may not faint now fail

so shall we have peace divine,
holier gladness ours shall be,
round us too shall angels shine,
such as ministered to thee.

Keep, O Keep us, Saviour dear,
ever constant by thy side
that with thee we may appear
at the Eternal Eastertide

...the hymn during the communion itself was Be Thou My Vision...whose words also include:

"Be thou my breastplate, my sword for the fight
be thou my whole armour, be thous my true might
be thou my sould shelter, be thou my strong tower
O raise thou me heavenward, great power of my power"

This is the first time this sort of thing has ever happened to me. But not the first time it has happened to one of my Family. in 1997 my Grandfather died of Cancer, and in early 1998, his wife, my Nan (who still lives) was diagnosed with cancer also. She awoke one night to hear laughter in her room, that wouldnt go away, and a presence, with a voice who told her that just like her Husband had died, now she was going to go through all the same herself. She did a very similar thing to what I did. She invoked Christs name, and the laughter cut out most abruptly....she's since been clear of cancer well over ten years.
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