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Default Josh Thomson Talks Feud With Lyle Beerbohm, Fedor’s Loss


At the recent Strikeforce Challengers show in Cedar Park, Texas, Fight Hub TV’s Alex Mattis caught up with Josh Thomson. “The Punk” was cage-side bouncing around and took the time to talk to us about his rivalry with Lyle Beerbohm and recent developments within the company. “You know obviously Strikeforce is the big show!” Thompson replied when asked about his presence at the show. The conversation immediately turned to the main event of the evening in which Pat Healy fought a man whom Thompson had a vested interest in, Lyle “Fancy Pants” Beerbohm.

For those who may not know, a feud between Thompson and “Fancy Pants” has been brewing for quite some time now and both have been very open about scraping with one-another. When a potential fight was brought up Thomson immediately began to laugh. “You know what’s funny? He wrote the blog about the elevator.”

Beerbohm had previously stated on The Underground (mma.tv) that he hoped to catch Thomson in an elevator and fight him there, “and the night that I showed up here he’s the first guy I walked into on the elevator!” Thomson said the encounter didn’t deliver the promised violence. “He said something about he was going to choke me out in the elevator. I think he settled for the handshake.”

As was the hot topic in MMA this past month, Antonio Silva’s stunning defeat over Fedor Emelianenko came up. “Size is a huge difference, that’s the thing. He was giving up 70 pounds to one of the elite fighters of the world.” Despite the loss Thomson was very secure about the legitimacy of Fedor’s legacy. “You’ve got to remember he went, what? 28 and 0 for the longest time, 29 and 0, something like that.” Thomson added that he still views Fedor as one of the best out there.

“Fedor shouldn’t be ranked #1 in the world but he’s still in the top.”
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