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Originally Posted by KENTUCKYREDBONE View Post
I passed my test when I was a Teenager and now every so often I have to renew my Licence! Every State recognizes each others drivers Licence! Nowadays to get your beginners Permit in Kentucky you have to get a passing grade in school. Rules are a bit different for adults beginners though. When I got mine it was eye test,Written test and driving test for beginners permit. Beginners allows you to drive with a licensed adult in the car. After awhile you can get regular licence. Where I live it can be rough without your own personal vehicle. The closest Grocery store is about a 15 minute drive!
you see without living in the Peak District, Lake District, North Yorkshire Moors, Dartmoor, Outter Scotland, some of the Welsh Vales, and the Pennines...thats not really possible.

In England you have to be 17 to apply for your driving liscence, or 16 for bikes only. There are two tests, the theory test which is a written or computer based test on the highway code, it must be taken first, and it must be passed. (your already PAID money at this point for a provisional liscence, for driving lessons, and an exam fee to take the test.) once you pass the theory you have five years to take the practical...if you dont manage that, your theory will go out of date and you must pay for, take, and pass the test. (my theory is out of date now...and infact I went for so long, the DVLA actually demanded I return my Provisional Liscence to them ) Then you pay for more driving tests, and then pay and try for your driving practical test. This involves you using the car you have been learning in, with your instructor sat at the back, and the test instructor on the duel controls, just incase. You need to do manouvreing, involving, parking, an emergency stop, motorways or A class duel carriageways, roundabout. Reverse parking, three point turns, etc.

Once you have passed your test, you must pay to have your provisional liscence updated with a full driving liscence. Then no further tests are taken, period. You may drive as long as you like...though the doctors usually stop Octogenarians and above from driving, for obvious reasons

If you pass your test in an automatic, you can ONLY drive automatics, but if you pass your test in a manual, you can drive either Manual or Automatic.

If you are a biker, you can have lessons and be signed off on a provisional, permaently, but will have to pay to get the liscence renewed everytime they do a national facelift of the bloody document.

If you BOTH drive a car, and a bike...you will have TWO Liscences. There are separate liscences for Heavy Goods, Bus or Coach, and farming or warehouse equipment.

So when Mark Hughes asked me if I could drive...and I said yes...and then he wanted me to drive some big and expensive bit of machinary from one field down this lane with a ditch on either side and into another field across off road terrain I had never walked...I had to regretfully decline...and if memory serves, Boomer drove instead

Eventually, I probably will want my own transport...coz if I move away from my family as is the general idea...then I will want to come back at any time...and not have the fuss of waiting and booking public transport...but I will settle for an automatic if I fall into wealth...or else a provisional and a bike
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To me that sounds very complicated and expensive! I took my actual driving test in my Parents car. If my 16 yo can get his grades up and his ADHD under control we can take him up to the county Clerks office and get his learners permit. He would have to pass a quick eye test,show proof of his passing in School and we would have to pay 20 dollars I think it is. With the learners permit an Adult relative who is legally licenced would have to be in the car with him. I don't remember how long he has to have his learners/beginners before he could get his licence. Oh and he would have to pass a written test to. The written is mostly about Traffic laws and signs. Nowadays when you renew your licence or change the address on them you have to show proof of address. I may be forgetting a few things or may not be completely accurate on the new rules but I think I got close!
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I think this link will take you to an up to date KY drivers manual!
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