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Old 02-15-2011, 09:44 PM
Miss Foxy
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Default 127 tele-conference call

The UFC held a conference call today to promote the main event at UFC 127 between Jon Fitch and BJ Penn. On the call was UFC President Dana White and main event fighters BJ Penn and Jon Fitch.

A variets of topics was discussed ranging from the fight, the implications for the winner and the UFC's advancement towards global expansion.

Here are some key notes from the call:

- White is prepared to bring The Ultimate Fighter to every country. First stop being, TUF Philipines as early as this year. Also plans for TUF UK And TUF Canada.

- Despite his latest twitter rant, White claims to have not watched the latest Strikeforce Show

- White plans on throwing same day shows in the future. (EX. Simultaneous fights in Vegas and Australia.) Says that day is coming.

- White confirms 17,000 tickets sold for UFC 127

- White confirms that the sold out Rogers Centre for UFC 129 is the largest North American gate in UFC history. $11million dollars in ticket sales.

- White anticipates the UFC being seen in over a billion homes worldwide soon

- White, confirms that winner of BJ vs. Fitch will be number 1 contender for the welterweight title.

- Fitch, when asked if its hard to get motivated for Penn..."When fighting BJ Penn? Hell no"

- Fitch has no opinion on GSP vs. Shields

- Penn says Hughes coach Matt Pena hooked the two up for training. Says he had a great time with Hughes and Matt was the best partner he could've had.
- Penn when asked if he would return to 155... "I don't even like cutting the weight" clarified that its not a hard cut, but not sure it's the best thing for his health.

- Penn thinks Shields will do well against GSP... "It's a toss-up"

- Penn on Florians decision to drop to 145... "It's going to be hard to be competitive if you chop off your right leg,"

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