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Default infant Baptism in Scripture (old Testament)

This subject keeps coming up...and whilst the new testament seems to give rise to following the adult Baptism rituals with water...there has been no indication of the infant equivilent.

Im actually quite shocked because some of the more scholarly patrons should have been able to point this out.

infant Baptism is about being dedicated to GOD, or being part of the Church, profession by the parents that they will bring the child up in Christ.

Whilst we have established that it does not save....you might like to know there seems to be an infant dedication service mentioned in the old testament. Not only that...it appears Christ went through that ritual EXACTLY Forty Days after he was born.

Apparently the law of Moses dictates that upon the fortieth day, the children should be bought to the Temple in Jerusalem as a Presentation before GOD. Sacrifices are also asked for to dedicate the children, especially any Males, first born, to the service of GOD


we celebrate the presentation of Christ in the Temple every year at Candlemass forty days after Christmas. Its recorded in the new testament, and its where Simeon and Anna, two temple dwellers recognise the Christ Child for who he is...it prompts Simeon to say one of the best known pieces of liturgy in existance: the Nunc Dimittis. "Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace..."

Whatsmore...having had this revelation, I of course told the world in a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvKqeTbsdMc
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