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Old 03-03-2009, 03:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Champ2be
Ok, Im not gonna argue. Im just saying that if this was another fighter most people on here would be all over this GIF. This is not after the fight BTW, I have it recorded and went and looked. And even being on the just on the shoulders COULD affect a few submissions. Look I am Pro Matt Hughes all the way, but I try and look at things from every angle. Nothing against the big guy.

You are really.. REALLY.. mistaken

If that was GSP, Big Tim, Chuck, Uriah, Jens.. no matter.. Hell I can not STAND Rashad.... and the Diaz are losers.. but if you put them in spot.. no one would think that they were cheating...

It's pretty damn obvious that Stitch is not some corner man.. and with the images slowed down so badly it can be anything.

Sherdog is shercrap... and to give credence to some goofballs slant is a smack in the face..

Only LOSERS try to make "there bones" off other people this way...

Maybe you aren't a loser.. but to "look at the perspectives..." the way you say.... is similar to blinders

Matt Hughes has done more.. been more.. beaten more.. stood up to.. taken "one for the team"...
It is because you chose to get on the mat that makes you the winner. Think about how many people are not on that mat right now. - Luis Sucuri Togno
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