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Old 02-03-2011, 05:29 PM
Miss Foxy
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I am super hyphy!! Well kinda.. See I ordered a few tapout tanks and most importantly a tap out dress for this Saturday.. Well.........The package is somewhere and won't arrive until Monday!! So I have to go find a new outfit which I am not happy about since I feel enormous due to all the hormones My Sweatshirt I had ordered that says I love Liverpool (for Paul Kelly) it is way too big and now I am stressed, but yet excited.
I absolutely can't wait to get there!! I got an early pedicure tomorrow, my hair got done on Tuesday so my next stop is MAC counter!! Only thing is I hate wearing comfy shoes, cause they aren't sexy!! But I don't want to be walking around with my dogs barking after .. Anyways ya'll think of me when Kelly wins!! I wish I had a bedazzler!! I always wanted one cause I would totally hook myself with a HUGHES outfit =( I have to represent.. My rvca shirts for Penn aren't anywhere in site.. My HIT squad shirt is MIA...

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