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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
It would have to be someone who we have actual photographs of, otherwise I'll know it's just a artist's recreation. So I guess a pre-plastic-surgery Tori Amos or a young Johnny Cash. I guess this would also make it possible to view a "live" performance from fictional characters as well; so I'd also pick the Cantina Band from Star Wars, they'd just have to come up with some new material and not just play the same two songs over and over again:
I didn't even know they had two songs...every time I see them I think of that first song we hear when Luke and Obi Wan go into the bar.

(heh, I had a feeling you might pick a Star Wars entity :-)
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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I guess it would be more like going to a movie than an actual concert. So the point is more to see a show than a live performance necessarily.

I could see the applications in the US, especially if they use more realistic looking holograms. Like there would probably be a lot of people who would pay good money to see Elvis in concert, hologram or not. The same would probably apply to Michael Jackson, John Lennon, etc.

However, it's the psychological implications that fascinate me just as much as the technical. It seems that we have an entire subculture of people who are willingly giving up their ability to discern fantasy from reality. When you read stories about Japanese men "marrying" anime characters, then I really do think that these people believe these characters to be real. I've been seeing it creep into Star Wars forums for years now, where fans talk about fictional characters like Darth Vader, Yoda, etc. as if they are actually real people.

When you read in the Bible about the False Prophet creating an "image of the Beast" and giving life to that image (the Bible never implies that the "image of the Beast" is going to be a stone sculpture, which is what a lot of theologians just automatically assume), then this computer-generated hologram technology suddenly has much more chilling consequences.
I knew anime was popular in Japan; I just didn't realize how big an industry it is over there...billions of dollars. And I didn't realize how long it's been around either. I thought it was a fairly modern thing, but apparently not. They obviously take their manga cartoons and anime quite seriously. I mean, marrying an anime character. That's taking escapism to a whole other level.
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