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Old 03-02-2009, 11:27 PM
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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
Ummmm...it's a great analogy. The UN likes to pose & posture & talk about have they have power, but the only time their decrees have any umph is when the US enforces them. If the US said "You know what, this is stupid, we're out!", then the UN would take the moral high ground & blow & bluster, but eventually fall apart.

Similary, WAMMA is pointless with the UFC. They can blow & bluster about MMA needing a governing body (which I completely agree with), but without the UFC, it'll all fall apart soon, especiallyif Fedor somehow ends up in the UFC.
...and heres why the analogy doesnt work.

America jointly set up the United Nations to stop other countries acting unilaterally after Nazi Germany. She has abandoned it now because it does the job its meant to do...and it does that even to her!! Thats why she dislikes the UN...because it limits her in the same way that it limits everyone else...which was partly by HER design

WAMMA wasnt created by the UFC, WAMMA wasnt created by the UFC to stop a single insitution gaining a Monopoly, Its developed that completely on its own...

What you guys have to face is that YOU are responsible for the creation of the UN and its working PERFECTLY doing EXACTLY what you in part designed...what its showing is that the US thinks its above the Law...that its perfectly alright for other Nations to be restricted to prevent dragging her into War...but she can do what she likes...and btw...thats Public Opinion...until The US pulls out of the UN...which it wont and cant, because even if you dont, your government understand the above.

You are not above the law...your just lucky that England chose to follow you and Russia and China didnt care much....otherwise you would have had great problems then a foolish French Veto
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