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Old 03-02-2009, 09:18 PM
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Talking Published Letters in Fighters Only

People will probably know that Fighters Only Magazine is regarded as the top Magazine for Mixed Martial Arts in England, it was founded by Ian Freeman, but is now managed and Edited by my Favourite Journalist, Mr Hywel Teague... I have issues Eight through Thirty Two unbroken. I picked up again from Thirty Six to the present day Forty Eight Issue.

The reason I'm missing a few is coz I wasnt quick on the re-subscription

Anyway, the Magazine went through a revolution in between Issue Twenty One and Twenty Two...and shortly thereafter I began to take more notice. I began to write to the Editor on the reception of every Issue from Thirty Six when I decided to Re-Subscribe....my Letter was first published in Issue Forty Two when I won Letter of the Month Award

I was published again in Issue Forty Four

and I just discovered I was published yesterday in Issue Forty Eight

I have two goals for this year. My First is to be introduced to Hywel Teague in person. This is possible as he attended Cage Gladiator Events periodically, and I attend them...continually

My second Goal is bloody ambitious if I do say so myself....by the end of this year I want to have my own Artical published in that Magazine

until then I'll keep writing feedback letters
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