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Old 01-23-2011, 11:29 PM
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Default Learnt something cool today...

So we are currently doing a series in isaiah - one of the coolest books for prophesising the coming of Jesus.

We were in chapter 6 and he spoke about verse 3 where it has the quote

"holy, holy, holy is the lord of hosts"

Now I always read over the repetition.

So apprarantly Hebrew has no words for comparative or superlative.

So English is a messed up language -e.g

We don't have good, gooder, goodest
we have good, better, best

Well the Holy, holy, holy is the same - that third Holy denotes the Lord as the BEST - completely seperate and beyond us in holiness.

My explanation is no where near as good as the person who preached today but thought I'd share and keep my eye out for this now
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